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New M7 Smart Touch Monitor - World’s first marine display with touch control of your smartphone/tablet! Compact 7” design.Yachting - The most advanced marine display and computer systems for unlimited vessel applications. Commercial Marine - Our G6 and G7 monitors as well as Avalon CPU’s have been installed in the ocean transport, fishing, dredging, and cruise industries worldwide. Oil & Gas - Argonaut products have been utilized worldwide throughout the oil and gas industries including production, monitoring and refining operations. G815 Government & Military - Argonaut products have been deployed throughout all branches of the U.S. armed forces.


Rugged Portables

Rugged Portables

The all new Ranger rugged portable line with powerful Intel Corei processors and legendary Tflex sunlight readable technology is now available in touch screen equipped 14" wide format. Rugged, water resistant, shock/vibration protected, mobile power that now goes anywhere you do!

Starting at $2,399
Rugged Computers

Rugged Mini Computers

Argonaut's new rugged mini computers provide excellent performance and durability in amazingly compact designs. With available Intel Corei7 CPU technology, Wifi, aluminum shock mounts and corrosion proof electronics, these machines are ready to work hard in the toughest environments.

Starting at $1,899
Marine Displays

Marine Displays

Rugged Argonaut displays that are ideal for any vessel! New R515 is the most rugged, sunlight readable 15" boating monitor available. Sleek glass bridge type 17" and 19" G7 monitors offer a mega yacht look and amazing optics for any helm.

Starting at $2,999
M7 Smart Touch Monitor

Marine Smart Touch Monitor

Announcing the world’s first marine smart touch display that duplicates and controls your smartphone or tablet! Compact 7” design, waterproof and sunlight readable, the all new M series monitor allows remote viewing and direct control of your personal apps and data! Argonaut has successfully bridged the gap between your most important smart device and the tough boating environment.!
Starting at $699!

Featured Installations

MTF15XL 15” Monitors
G615XLR G615XLRG615 15” Monitor G615 15” Monitor G615XL 15” Monitor G615XL 15” Monitor, Rear View
Merlin Mini CPU’s Ranger Laptop MTF15XL 15” Monitor MTF15XL 15” Monitors on Deck MTF15XL 15” Monitors on Deck MTF15XL 15” Monitors on Deck Merlin Mini CPU >

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World's First SMFD (Smart Multi Function Display) Launched!
"Argonaut Begins Shipping Smart Multi Function Displays With Unlimited Use"
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Argonaut Computer, Inc. announces two year standard warranty coverage on all products.
"Excellent reliability backed by long term warranty coverage"
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Argonaut Computer, Inc. announces the next generation in high performance and low cost marine monitor technology.
"High end features for $1,000's less than the competition."
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Argonaut Computer, Inc. awarded five year Government contract
"Innovative, rugged technology for Military and Government agencies."
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Argonaut Computer, Inc. announces the world's first marine monitor priced below $1,000.
"Cost effective marine display technology is now available for any boat."
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Argonaut Laptop Receives ABS and IMO Certification
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