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Argonaut Technology LLC  
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Originally established in 1995 as Argonaut® Computer, Inc., Argonaut Technology LLC is the leading innovator in providing state of the art, ruggedized computer and display solutions to the yachting and recreational boating industries. Our company mission and products were originally intended to supply reliable, secure system monitoring and data processing in the often harsh marine environment. As our company has grown, we have successfully leveraged our knowledge to provide cost effective products for other demanding industry requirements including oil & gas, industrial manufacturing and military/government applications.

From day one, Argonaut has pioneered specialized products, delivering reliability and data security for unpredictable installation environments. Product innovations from us have included the use of conformal coatings applied to circuit boards to protect from moisture, salt air, humidity and dust, and revolutionary sunlight viewable monitor technology which is now found installed worldwide with field proven reliability and performance. The legendary longevity of certain Argonaut monitor and computer products is a testament to our unique and practical approach for shock/vibration protection.


Argonaut began shipments of our first marine product called the “Argonaut” which was a rugged, waterproof marine laptop computer in 1996. In 1998, the FX-2000 laptop was launched as the first marinized marine laptop computer with proprietary conformal coating technology. In September 2001, we delivered the marine industry's first laptop computer with large format Transflective screen technology(Tflex brand), providing for direct sunlight display visibility in the harshest environments. Unlike other sunlight viewable high brightness technologies that require excessive power and create damaging heat, Tflex utilizes special reflective films to harness the sun’s brightness while minimizing power consumption and heat.

We began shipping the industry's first standalone Tflex marine monitors in early 2002 and In September, 2006, introduced the world's first sunlight readable, waterproof 15" marine monitor at breakthrough pricing below $1,000 (G615). In September 2007, Argonaut was awarded a five year Government contract with the General Services Administration. In February, 2009, Argonaut introduced the G615XLR, the world’s first sunlight readable marine monitor designed to meet rugged military shock and vibration specifications. Introduced in February, 2011, our G7 glass bridge series (17” and 19”) offered a sleek, functional design and performance at leading value. In July 2014, we began shipping the R515HT marine display with industry leading shock protection and state of the art pyrolitic film heat dissipation technology. In addition, Argonaut has developed a line of "micro-sized" complete CPU’s, called Cambria which measures only a few inches square and is designed to endure tough installation environments.

The company's products are available through our website or a domestic and international dealer network. Now and in the future, Argonaut is committed to providing leading edge, secure, ruggedized marine electronic solutions.